Doprava zdarma při nákupu nad 1499 Kč!

Join us for a magical journey and leave everything behind for a moment.

Get lost and wander.

Decide what is meant for you.

And finally...

Bring it home.

Voniak is an independent fragrance label based in Praga mater urbium. Our mission was to develop a series of designer home diffusers that send you instantly to the most remarkable places on earth. Each fragrance has its own charisma which corresponds with the genius loci of that place. We aimed to isolate the local vibes and spirit and put all of it in a timeless bottle. Now you can wander around the world in between walls of your beloved home. Everything in the form of all-natural and sustainable products.

All products are made from selected fragrance oils and are 100% vegan friendly.
We want your homes to smell beautifully, but also don't want our mother nature to feel sick.
The bottles are made in the same design since 1898 at a traditional local glassmaker company.

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